The CogTool Project

CogTool is a prototyping tool with a difference. Quickly mock-up designs in a storyboard, then demonstrate how to do tasks and CogTool runs an underlying cognitive engine to make predictions of task performance time for a skilled user. Use CogTool to benchmark competitors' products, or your own earlier versions, to be sure that your design will be more efficient for skilled users (one measure of value to your users). Use CogTool to explore a large design space and only invest in testing a few of the more promising ideas with users. Use CogTool to analyse a current product to find efficiency bottle necks and focus your redesign efforts. CogTool does not replace user testing, but it brings a complementary analytic technique to the UI design toolbox.

Downloaded. Looking forward to give it some tasks and see how it performs (pun partly intended). Only I am worried that this might put too much focus on only one quantitative (here time) aspect of user interaction. Other factors are error rates, success rates (objective and subjective), data collection and so on.

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